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Dear Fellow Americans:

  I would like to give you some background on the Freedom Flag. It started November 2009 after the 9-12-09 March on Washington. While there I noticed all the “Don’t Tread On Me” flags. I felt we needed a flag that represented the “Tea Party’s” and “9/12 Project” both for now and for future generations of Americans.  The flag would serve as a reminder of what we did to keep America free.

 The message of the flag is simple. At the very top is the word GOD on whom the founding fathers based our Constitution.  2009 which is the year we were called on to peacefully and non-violently defend the constitution.  2012 the year we lose our freedom if our peaceful and non-violent movement is not successful.  COUNTRY and LIBERTY what we are trying to save.  The eagle is holding the CONSTITUTION in its beak. It is being supported by 9/12 PROJECT under the left wing and TEA PARTY’S under the right wing.  In the eagle’s talons TYRANNY and TRAITORS which are the reasons for our peaceful and non-violent movement.

 Fly your flags for freedom with pride and dignity.

 God bless all Americans.
  Thank You
  John W. Henly